Kraft Paper Gift Tags with Print and Jute Rope Ties, Brown and Cream

Kraft Rectangular Cake Box, Non-Rigid,Flip-Open Style - 7x7x3 inches

Red Soft Box with Gold Wreath Print, 8x8x3 inches Hamper/Gift box

Christmas Hamper Box with Wreath Print, 8x8x3 inches

Amaara...Eternal..... Forever
08 Jul 2016 article-image

We, at Papertrail fondly remember the ‘Amaara’ bag. It marked a milestone in our humble growth trajectory. In 2009, one of our first customers, Rashmi Deepak of the charming Amaara store asked us to put her logo on the newspaper bag. At that point in time we were still new and had just found our feet in perfecting the fold and managing the extensive sup...

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14 Jul 2011 article-image

Here is a blog I wrote for Raxa Collective. You can read it here or on their website - Two years ago, during the economic crisis that swept over world economies, I encountered many women, in my very own social circles, who found it difficult to keep the home fires burning. Thei...

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